Hush Line's Features

1. PGP Email Encryption

To enhance the security of communications, Hush Line integrates the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) protocol. This ensures that every email message is encrypted, offering a secure channel even if the message's content becomes intercepted.

2. Simple, Guided Setup

Ease of setup is paramount, and Hush Line’s installation script automates the configuration process. From package installations to system settings, the script takes care of the nuances, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

3. Tor-Ready

For users who prioritize anonymity, Hush Line is equipped to function seamlessly over the Tor network. Upon setup, a hidden Tor service is established, directing traffic to the local server. This provides an onion address, allowing users to access the platform anonymously.

4. Automatic HTTPS Certificates

With cyber threats on the rise, secure connections are crucial. Hush Line integrates certbot, automatically fetching and installing HTTPS certificates. This ensures encrypted communication between the user's browser and the Hush Line server.

5. Intrusion Detection

Hush Line integrates Fail2Ban, an intrusion prevention tool, designed to scan log files for malicious activity. If any is detected, fail2ban imposes a temporary ban on the suspicious IP, thereby fortifying the platform against brute-force attacks.

6. Firewall

The Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) is incorporated into Hush Line's framework. This firewall tool simplifies the process of managing iptables, ensuring that only approved traffic can access the server.

7. Automatic Updates

Outdated systems are a breeding ground for vulnerabilities. Hush Line leverages the unattended-upgrades package to automate system updates. This ensures that the system always runs the latest security patches and software versions.

8. IP Address Scrubbing

Respecting user privacy, Hush Line has provisions to scrub IP addresses from incoming requests. This means that user location and network information are not stored or logged, enhancing user anonymity.

9. Hardened Nginx Security Headers

The platform is served using nginx, and the server is configured with security-hardened headers. These headers protect users from various web vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting and clickjacking, ensuring a secure browsing experience.

10. No Account Needed

Emphasizing ease of use and privacy, Hush Line eliminates the need for account creation. Users can immediately start messaging without the burden of sign-ups or the risk of personal data storage.

11. New Censorship-Resistance Research

Hush Line configures a sauteed onions domain when deploying to a public website like a .com, .org, etc. Sauteed Onions is a new method for making your onion address more censorship resistant by binding it to your domain name using HTTPS certificates, creating a new domain that looks like: Now, when someone uses a certificate search tool like and looks for your domain name, they'll find your onion address, too.