What does Hush Line do?

Hush Line provides a safe way to receive private messages from your community when confidentiality is a must.

Hush Line is a website with a form.

When a member of your community writes a message into the form and clicks the submit button, Hush Line encrypts their message so that only you can read it, then emails it to you.

I still don't get it, conceptually

Have you ever used Google Forms? You create a form, say a text box, and send the URL to people to fill out. When a person fills in your form and hits submit, their response gets automatically put into a Google Spreadsheet.

This is convenient for things like, surveying food choices or picking a date that works for most people. But what if you're asking people to share more sensitive information? To make them feel as safe as possible, we want a system where only you can read the responses. Not other users, not your company's IT department, not even Google. Furthermore, we don't even want to know anything about the submitter they don't choose to reveal.

This is what Hush Line provides.