Information Page

Hush Line deploys with an information page that provides the sender with additional information that might be helpful before submitting a message.

Hush Line information page

When to use Hush Line

We've leaned on the guidance from and included some information from their resources for when to use a tip line. They include when you have evidence of wrongdoing, including:

  • a violation of law, rule, or regulation,
  • gross mismanagement,
  • a gross waste of funds,
  • abuse of authority, or
  • a substantial danger to public health or safety.

Hush Line addresses

If you deployed to a public domain, you'll find both your onion address and public website listed here.

Share it!

The information on this page can be shared and the link to the page itself should be posted in multiple locations to make it easy to verify. You can:

  • print the page and place it in common areas,
  • copy the info and email it broadly,
  • add the info link on your website and social channels, and
  • add the link in your email signature.

Verify your address!

Before you trust any link, whether an onion domain or a public website, you should verify its address. We encourage Hush Line operators to post their address in at least three different locations - social media, website, and email signature, for example - so individuals sending a message can verify they have the correct address before visiting and sharing potentially sensitive information.