Profile Settings

Users can tailor Hush Line to their needs, from adding a display name to adding multiple usernames.

Display Name

Users can set a human-readable display name so that someone submitting a message can see "Submit a message to Science & Design" rather than "Submit a message to scidsg".


As a security measure, if a user changes their display name after verification, they'll lose that status and must re-verify their account.


Two-Factor Authentication

To improve account security, users can enable two-factor authentication, making account compromises, even in the event of a password leak, impossible.

Change Password

Users can change their password when needed.

Change Username

Changing your username is easy but can lead to confusion for end-users, especially for well-known organizations.


Like when changing your display name, when you change your username, you'll lose verification and need to go through the process again.

Email & PGP

Email Delivery

Users can have messages delivered to an email address and with the SMTP service of their choosing.


Users can opt to have their messages encrypted so they're only readable by them. This is a highly encouraged option, especially for journalists.


Delete Account

Easily and permanently delete your account whenever you want.